How to Organize Your Digital Files

digital, files, organization

If you’re like me, there probably was a time in your life that you couldn’t find that one digital file you were looking for. You named files “asdfasdf” and “asdfasdf2,” which made absolutely no sense, but yet you did it anyway for convenience. Well, behold! I have four tips for you to get digitally organized.

1. While you’re in school, organize your files by semester.


I have a Macbook, so if you’re using Microsoft Windows, the screen might look a little different. The screen shot above is of my four years in college and clearly sorts each semester. Each folder is labeled with the term “Fall,” “Spring” or “Summer” and includes the year. Because I love to be super duper organized, I have included the word “School” before each term because that is the word I would think of when I am trying to refer back to my homework. I also included the “(a),” “(b),” etc. because this organizes the files in chronological order from my first semester, “School (a) Fall 2014,” to my last, “School (j) Spring 2018.”

2. Within each semester folder, from step two, have subset folders labeled after your classes.


My university, and I believe most universities, have course names that follow this format: department name and numbers. Instead of naming the folder the specific name of the class, for example my “RTF 305” course is actually titled “Theory and Practice of New Media,” I name the folder after that abbreviated name.

3. Be as specific as possible about the file’s content without making the name long.


In the example above you’re looking at my Spanish 110 documents from freshman year, and my main assignments, the compositions, are clearly labeled.

4. To give you another example, I applied my three tips above to another subject- internships and jobs.

I have a separate folder to organize my internship and applications. Once you open that folder, the main portion of the folder is broken down by the year that the internship or job begins.

For another perspective, specifically Windows, check out the blissful mind.

How do you organize your digital files? Any advice for me? Comment below!



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